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Hilary Kaplan
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Alegria now offers two teacher’s courses. First, the original teacher’s course, now named the Fundamental Teacher’s Course, which Hilary Kaplan and Archibald McKenzie have developed and taught together since 1997. This course has always been highly successful and was approved by the Royal Academy of Dance under the now-defunct RAD Student Teacher Certificate Programme. ALL graduates of this course have been able to secure good teaching positions, some in Australia, some overseas in New Zealand, South East Asia and Europe, and Alegria has tried to keep the best graduates to teach within Alegria. The Fundamental Teacher’s Course consists of

    1. intense Coaching in a syllabus (usually RAD Pre-Primary to Grade Five, but Cecchetti teachers have also attended the course and the Cecchetti syllabus work can also be taught);
    2. Teaching Practice;
    3. Teaching Methodology;
    4. Music;
    5. Benesh Notation.

Second, the Advanced Teacher’s Course from 2007 offers an extension of the skills and expertise acquired at the Fundamental Course level. It takes

    1. 1. the Syllabus into the intermediate and advanced levels;
    2. Methodology into the break-down and teaching of advanced steps;
    3. Teaching Practice into a more advanced range of styles and methods
    4. Music into the area of use of recorded music for teaching and choreography;
    5. Benesh Notation into greater familiarity of use and introduces Labanotation.

Candidates are coached for one morning a week in Syllabus, Methodology, Music, Class and Notation. The Courses are completed by an internal Alegria examination which results in Alegria's own documentation (report and certificate) for reference and job-seeking purposes.

Alegria's Teacher's Course has proven its independent worth. Alegria's specifications are more demanding than those of many other courses, and Alegria delivers the course in a very short time - requiring a serious commitment on the part of the course candidate - but the overwhelming majority of candidates who have enrolled on the course have been inspired to do very well in it and in the related RAD Teaching Certificate Examinations.

Alegria's Teachers Course is taught by respected RAD Examiners and by other experienced and highly regarded professionals in Melbourne and Perth.