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Alegria offers classes in Spanish Dancing in the three main styles of Spanish Dancing:
  1. Flamenco,
  2. Regional Spanish, and
  3. Escuela Bolera.
Flamenco is the rich and intense style developed over several centuries by a number of Spanish sub-cultures, notably the Spanish gypsies. Flamenco dancing is characterized by strong rhythms and intense personality.

Regional Spanish dancing is Spanish folk dancing, which is exceptionally rich, energetic and varied, partly because of Spain's long history, complex ethnic and cultural mix, and dramatic contrasts of economy, geography and climate. Martial, graceful, fierce, joyous, athletic, flirtatious... Spain's regional dancing has it all.

Escuela Bolera is the Spanish ballet style of the nineteenth-century Romantic Era. Technically demanding but charming and graceful, it is danced in ballet slippers and combines the soft rounded arms and expressive inclined heads with vigorous jumps and turns.

Alegria offers Spanish Dance Society syllabus classes at all levels (from Primary to Advanced) and all students are encouraged to take exams annually. Alegria's Hilary Kaplan is a Dual Examiner in the international Spanish Dance Society - much of the syllabus was choreographed on her as she was learning Spanish as a child - and has trained all Alegria's Spanish Dance teachers.