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Alegria's popular jazz and tap classes are taught by charismatic teachers with lots of energy and experience as performers and choreographers.

A weekly jazz class with a special teacher is also offered to serious students at Alegria's Holt St studios, including the full-time students, as Alegria believes that some experience and a technical knowledge of jazz can be of great value to any serious dancer.

The jazz classes offered at branch schools on the other hand is funky and fun. Alegria also offers tap classes in the Contemporary Australian Tap syllabus at various levels at the branch schools. This is the technique which Steven McRae was trained in, which got him a job offer from the Tap Dogs, and which - along with his jazz training and Alegria's own classical technique - gave him the edge in the Genée and the Prix de Lausanne, contributing to his speed and rhythmical accuracy.

Jazz and tap students get opportunities to perform in competitions and in Alegria's school concerts.