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The BOYS Summer School

Alegria conducts courses in all school holidays
  1. The Summer School in mid-January is designed to be stimulating and to ease students back into the dancing year. Guest teachers such as Mr Oleg Timursin, Ms Jane Beckett and others teach Virtuoso Ballet and Jazz. Regular ballet classes and character dancing complete the curriculum.

  2. Alegria's autumn and spring examination preparation seminars offer intense preparation courses for the impending grades and major exams. All exercises and enchaînements and vocabulary of steps for free enchaînements are covered in detail, and the classical technique of the students, many of whom come from other schools, is given a thorough check-up and fine-tuning according to Alegria's methodology, which has proved the turning point for the better for many students' exam results. For many students, attending Alegria's Exam Preparation Seminar has meant passing or doing well in an exam they have previously failed. Students attend one long (usually two-hour) class each day over five days. Numbers are limited so that each student receives individual attention.

  3. The Winter School in July is similar to the Summer School, except that falling in mid-season it is more directed towards virtuosity and to putting some finishing touches to the preparation for major competitions. It is also held over 5 days, the sessions being half-day sessions.