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Hilary Kaplan
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Two main syllabi are taught:
  1. Royal Academy of Dance
  2. Cecchetti.
Students are encouraged to take exams in both. Alegria's full-time students take exams in both styles. Alegria students have been outstandingly successful in both systems, winning Cecchetti Scholarships, the Cecchetti Gold Medal for Australia and the RAD's International Genée Ballet Awards (including the only Gold Medal awarded in 2002).

Hilary Kaplan, a Dual Examiner for the RAD, is also a qualified Cecchetti Society Associate. Classes are offered at all levels from 'baby beginners' (from 2-3 years of age) to Solo Seal. Professional training is provided in our Full-Time Course. All Alegria teachers are carefully hand-picked. All syllabus teachers have been trained on Alegria's internationally renowned Teachers Course and in Alegria's own teaching methodology. They are also qualified and registered dance teachers, or, in a few especially talented cases, in the process of completing Alegria's Teachers Course and gaining their RAD Teaching Certificate.

Alegria's principals monitor the teaching in the branch schools, and conduct spring and autumn holiday seminars in person. These are of enormous benefit for all participants and are compulsory for all examination candidates. In these seminars students (and interested teachers) are taken through their syllabus in thorough detail and have their technique, style and musicality double-checked by the principals. As in all Alegria's courses, the emphasis is on the needs of the individual student.

No student is made to feel stupid, and no student is left to his or her own devices at the back of the class. On the other hand, Alegria's teachers impart a sound classical technique to all students according to their individual ability. The outstanding Alegria technique is the result of a rigorous analysis of various balletic styles and schools (especially RAD, Cecchetti, Vaganova and Bournonville) combined with a dedication to a pursuit of the ideal and lots of practical teaching experience. Alegria's teachers also realize that children need to enjoy their classes to get the most out of them, and are responsive to all feedback from students and parents.